Prayer Wall

Prayer requests that are submitted and requested to be public will be posted on this page.
10/28/2019 –From Perrault-From my sister, Mandy Young. This is a post on her FB post. 

UPDATE ON PRAYER REQUESTS…Alright Peeps, my Biopsy and ultrasound and 4th blood test (3 different test for 3 different things) is tomorrow, Monday 28th of Oct. I would appreciate every earnest prayer that you have! I’m thinking I will know the ultrasound results right away but may have to wait a week to 3 days to find out about the other 2. I believe in the power of prayer and I thank you all very much!!!

10/28/2018 –Gloria Parsons is being admitted to St. Vincents East today, she fell this morning and broke her hip.
Please be in prayer for Barbara Jobe (Chantelle Grubbs’ mother) she received a cancer diagnosis today