Weekly Prayer List

March 26, 2020
Please pray for:
Pastors and Leadership
Ryan and Clara Cochran as they move and transition to ACF
Sunday Services
ACF Student Ministries
Missions to Pray for- Bobby & Lisa Bechtel, Africa
Zac & Elizabeth Stephenson, South Portland, Maine
The 230 who made a decision to follow Christ during the Hydrate event!
Those who are sick or affected by Coronavirus
Danny McCarley’s brother, Roger- Legionnaires disease
John & Judy Hughes- Judy is home from the hospital
Wallace & Susie Crittenden- Wallace recovering from stents placed
Jenny Bert Owens-battling cancer for the 3rd time
Don Adamson- undergoing chemotherapy for aggressive form of cancer
Joyce Murphree- hospitalized with complications from congestive heart failure
Vesla Young- increased seizure activity recently, pray they cease
Leslie Castleberry- recovering from back surgery
Diane McDaniel -recovering from foot & ankle surgery
Wendi Bischoff’s brother in law Bryan Bischoff-paralyzed in motorcycle accident, adjustment to life at home
Jean Morris (Terri Whitt’s mother)- recovering from a fall and related surgery
Alana Green-seeking relief from nerve and back pain
Billy Green-mouth/teeth issues
Marcia Johnson-continued recovery from surgery
Mark Phillips-continued treatment for cancer
Larry Bailey- biopsy recheck in a few months
Kristie Hicks-continued treatment for cancer
Virgil Winslett- (SHS principal) battling cancer
Jack and Gloria Parsons-health for both
Cole Holt-back pain after surgery
Betty Norton
Henry Ricks
Ramon Macias- radiation/ possible liver transplant
Sheila Ricks
Barbara Jobe (Chantelle Grubbs’ mom) Breast cancer- undergoing chemo treatments at UAB